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Course Overview

Introduction to Adobe Premiere at Vega School provides the student with insight into the workings of the infamous Adobe Premiere software. A common video editing application used by most experts in the field of Film, Television & Social Media today. The course will help equip the student with the necessary know how of editing, workflow processes and the various tools that one would need to apply in order to get the best quality video out there in the ever expanding video consuming market place.

What You'll Learn?

  • equip the student with the necessary know how of editing.
  • Get to decide on the best workflow processes for you.
  • Learn the various tools that one would need apply for edit.
  • This course is for students who aim to venture on into the world of film and entertainment.
  • It is for those who are within the corporate environment where media is crucial for business advancement & marketing.
  • You may not be an expert professional but it will serve you well as a home user who likes to meddle in the social media space and share their thoughts on a Youtube channel
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Quiz
  • Q&A session

Topics for this course

  • Quiz 1
    • Introduction to Video Editing Using Premiere Pro


  • Quiz 2
    • The Important Fundamental Tools in Adobe Premiere Pro


  • Quiz 3
    • The Use of The Cutting Tool


  • Lesson 3
  • Skill experts
  • Last Update June 26, 2022
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